Monday 24 April 2017

Grad Profile: Charlotte Bullock

Charlotte Bullock

When did you discover an interest in Advertising?

I have always been a creative and visual person, but it wasn't always clear to me that I had an interest in Advertising and Marketing. After I finished university, I realized that one of my favourite classes was Critical Advertising Studies. That's when it sort of clicked, and I figured it would be a great way to put my creativity and love for media/communications together.

Why did you choose Sheridan?

For me, when you think of creativity, you think of Sheridan so it made sense from that perspective. Another selling point is that the program is only 1 year, and had a co-op component that was beneficial. It was also close to home for me, which was a bonus!

What did you learn from Sheridan?

A lot! I learned so many practical skills that help me with my current job. Whether I'm using Photoshop or setting up and tracking the results of a PPC campaign, the skills I learned have been very useful. I also learned how to find a job, and how to conduct myself through the interview stage and in my professional settings. Most importantly, I discovered where my strengths and weaknesses are in all areas of advertising. Sometimes you have to try a bit of everything to know what you really like, and that’s what the program did for me.

Sky View Suites

Where was your co-op placement? 

I completed my co-op placement at Sky View Suites in Toronto. They are a luxury corporate housing provider and I worked on their digital marketing team.

What did you learn from your co-op placement? 

I learned how you can build and grow a successful business without the traditional methods of advertising. They built their business using smart SEO techniques and plenty of trial and error. I learned so much about the world of digital marketing and all the tools available to help small businesses thrive. They are a really young, dynamic company that aren’t afraid to try new things, which is great! I also learned that there are many jobs outside the traditional marketing and advertising agencies that are just as rewarding.

What was the #1 thing you took away from your post-grad experience?

After my first year at Sheridan, I felt ready to face “the real world” and start my career. At the end of the day, I think that is the most important thing for students.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering post-grad?

Be open-minded and be prepared to work hard. Post grad programs move fast, and sometimes it feels like you have a million things to do in one week (you probably do!). I suggest taking it day-by-day. Work as hard as you can because it goes by quickly, and the work pays off in the end.

How has the completion of the Program affected your career?

Like I mentioned earlier, it helped me realize which areas of the industry my skills were better suited for. It also allowed me to gain experience in interviews and resume building as well as gain valuable work experience through the co-op placement.

Where do you work and what is your current position?

I still work at Sky View Suites! I’m currently Assistant Marketing Manager, and now I have a few co-ops that I work with and teach. 

What is your favourite part of the job? 

My favourite part is probably the design work I get to do. At Sheridan, I loved the graphic design elements of the program but I also learned that getting creative jobs is a challenging task. We are a small, young company and I am the most experienced with design, so I get to do it all the time! I have created graphics and articles that have been featured on Metro US and Canada, Blog TO, Huffington Post and CBC, so that has been amazing.

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